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  • FACTs spring 2018 (7-8 April)
  • GGaR's 8th birthday! (Brussels, May 5th)

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Posted April 20, 2018 at 05:30 am
I know there's never enough Roomillian (I feel the same way, room-butts), but let's see how others are faring...

On the 5th of May, at Brussels (Labokube)!

Readers of the comic (officially named “room-butts”) are invited to drop by for a queer webcomic celebration! 

The menu includes: a GGaR exhibition, queer-ass decoration, games, belgian beers, books & merch available, groovy music, Q&A, and more as we go! The exhibition part will start in the afternoon, and the party will continue 'til late in the evening!

If you’re travelling to Brussels for this, look up Airbnbs and hostels for cheaper stays! Also, beware if you’re coming from France, there might be a train strike at that time (I would recommend carpools instead)

For those who can’t make it, I’ll try setting up a livestream so you can join the fun! Those who CAN make it, let me know!

More info will come soon~ I’m super excite!! :D


Hey room-butts<3

There's been a change in the Hiveworks comics website management (Comic Control update), so if you come across tech issues that's probably why! Don't hesitate to contact me or Hiveworks if errors persist.

Also, hey, happy 2018 everyone! Here's wishing all of you a year full of enriching new discoveries and a bucket load of joy (we deserve it!) But most of all, keep it up, and keep being you!

If you're new to the GGaRden, a warm welcome will be provided by me (right now) and readers in the comment section! Don't hesitate to spread the word and lurv if you enjoyed the ride, and here's a little redirect to my Patreon, a platform on which you can support me and my art (and I give art back at yah!)

Welcome (back) to Go Get a Roomie! Come in and make yourself at home. We have tea, blankets, and open-minded conversations :)