Conventions & Meetups

  • Trolls&Légendes fantasy festival on the 14th-16th of April (belgium)
  • Berlin GGaR meetup on the 21st or 22nd SOMEWHERE (germany)
  • FACTs in fall (belgium)

News & Comments

posted Jan.24.13 at 02:00 am

Hello all :)

I want to thank you for the enormous help you've been for the Kickstarter. We reached past 60k with still 12 days to go. How amazing is that!! 
In other news: I just did an interview with caboos15 (really sweet guy) where I talk about GGaR and mutter too many "ums" for my taste! Check out his youtube channel, he's interviewed some pretty rad peepz :)
Another person in Hiveworks is doing their kickstarter as well. They had a guest strip here a couple weeks ago everyone seemed to like :) So far between Chloe and everyone else doing so well I am actually going to have to move with my assistant to handle everything. We're months ahead of schedule expansion wise and that's awesome! Check out the kickstarter at the link below.
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