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posted Jun.06.13 at 02:00 am

 Hi guys!

I'm back in Belgium, and in one piece. I admit, working on a new GGaR update was not the first thing I wanted to do when coming home. I took my time, talked and laughed with my room-mates, cooked with them, drank with them, played with my adorable rats, and caught up on a lot of sleep.
Tomorrow I'm going to France to see my family. I'll wake up, clean up the room, empty the luggage, and work on Friday's strip. I'll *try* doing another this weekend to catch up Wednesday's udpate, but I don't want to promise anything, as it'll mostly be family time. 

All in all, I'm enjoying life as much as Life gives me the joy to live. But I also want to give you the promised updates as best I can, so don't feel forgotten. 

See you tomorrow<3