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posted Jun-12-13 at 02:00 am

 So today I started drawing the strip with my room-mate's tiny volito wacom tablet, and windows didn't want to run it, so we got Ubuntu on a flash drive and got it to work there for me to try out Krita, another art program, with which I inked this strip and started coloring until I cracked under the shortcuts pressure (a lot of them are different from photoshop which makes it very hard to work as fast as you're used to) so I was about to go back to Windows but then the computer decided to die so it could be reborn and I tried getting the Yiynova to work so I could actually finish the strip but the pilots were being jerks and then the PS3 decided to fall in a coma while I was waiting for a new pilot to download because our internet is crappy and I wanted to kill aliens while waiting for stuff to work and then I came back and somehow just before I was about to throw my hands in the air and declare "I give up, you win" 

it worked.


Guys. I am very happy to finally present you... today's friggin' strip.
Ironically called "With any luck".


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