Posted September 12, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Hi everyone! First of all, thanks for any support, likes, reblogs, donations, reads, really just thank you for being you and liking the stuff I do! :)

I’m up for another GGaR original comic strip sale… with better packaging and nicer presentation! They’re one of a kind, and you have over 800 comicsto choose from… that MIGHT sound a little bit overwhelming! But with communication on both sides, we’ll find the right strip for you ;3

(width 24cm/9.5 inches) 

Prices (shipping is on me!):

  • Fully sketched strips:$60
  • Early inked strips:$70

If you’re interested, send an email at with the subject “Original Strips”. Whether you have a specific comic strip(s) in mind that is fitting for you, or whether we go on the perfect Roomie-strip-for-you search together (what characters you want, from what chapter, ect), I wanna make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase!

Also, don’t wait too long, I’m getting hungry.