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posted Nov.27.15 at 12:00 am

Now we're ready for a new chapter! 

Quote of the day: "Be optimistic. It feels better." ~ Dalai Lama

edit: took out a little sentence that clearly showed my stance on the whole refugee crisis these days. I decided it wasn't for GGaR's comment section to throw myself into this sort of political fit. If ever you're curious, just take a glance at my Twitter account and you're all good :)

Sep.30.15 at 02:48 pm

Hey guys! This is a bit of an unrelated topic (unrelated to comics that is), but I wanted to share this with you. I know some of the folks that are working on this project, and I'm all for it. So if you're opened to a bit of meditation for our Mother Earth (who has been quite overwhelmed these past years, to say the least), do consider checking this out.


Aug.11.15 at 07:49 am

Hey folks!

I will be at the FACTs convention end of September, in Belgium. Care to drop by and say hi? I would love that!! 

I will have the first GGaR volume (in hard and softcover), along with prints, badges, charms, stickers, and more!

PS: I'll make sure to share with you my exact location there asap!

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