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Hiveworks Comics
and so it begins
Posted January 20, 2021 at 12:00 am

♩ Here we go again
she's back in town, again 
~ray charles

This is the start of a rerelease of the whoooole gosh darn comic, from start to end! 

But this time it'll update FIVE TIMES a week, from Monday to Friday, and double strips all the way! WOW RIGHT. That way you get a nice worth of content every time! Plus, new commentary below each strips from good ol' me! (going like "hey that takes me back OH GOD WHY DID I DRAW THEIR WAISTS SO SMALL" and such)

For all the new-comers (tee hee): Go Get a Roomie! is a queer slice-of-life webcomic that started in 2010 and ended ten years later in 2020. The first chapters are full of butts (mostly boobs), and beers... as long as it started with a "b"  (^v^)b
(yes, it's a wee bit bonkers as well)
The comic changed through the years, while keeping its uplifting spirit, and spoke about themes such as dreams, diverse relationships, self-acceptance, and even tried on heavier subjects as best it could.
Basically, get ready for an ever evolving ride! 

For all the old-comers (tee hee?): Don't spoil anything for the new folks and be kind :D I went back on my decision on whether or not to include a new comment section because, well, the GGaRden (GGaR community) primarily built itself from there, and there has been requests to see it once more, so... welcome back<3

You can find these two strips in the old archive >here<! You can read on to your heart's content from there if you can't wait for the next update.


Hiveworks Comics