Posted May 27, 2020 at 04:44 am

Aah, feel that breath of fresh design in your face (your eyes!) doesn't it feel nice?

The Hiveworks techs and I worked on this to crown GGaR's tenth anniversary and give it a new feel and new colors (and new header!) I really hope you enjoy it!!

I want to personally thank Kevin from the Hiveworks team for their awesome work on the template, and Erin for putting it up live<3

You can let us know if there are any bugs or some other technical issue, in the comments below!


Posted May 1, 2020 at 09:30 am

Next week is GGaR's 10th anniversary!! :DDD

Ten years since GGaR has started, back when deviantArt was a thing, and I loved typing the 8D face, and partying was something I did (n-not that it's not anymore!! I-I can party! but you know, what with the pandemic I HAD to stop my mad young partying skillz) ...time has passed since then, huh? ;)

In celebration, I'd like to invite you folks to a livestream where we can chat away, ask how we're doing these days, and I'll drink my first Chimay Bleue beer since FOREVER to crown this Roomie birthday properly. Might not finish it, but I promise at least a sip :>

My face and beer will be live Friday the 8th of May, at 18h Belgium time, so 12 P.M Eastern Time (noon!) for you roomies in North America. We'll hang out for an hour or so, and talk about how much we changed these past ten years, and I can ramble a bit about GGaR, its past, present and future!

I'll post the link to the livestream (on twitch) next week, pretty much everywhere I can, here, on twitter, and--here! (wow, so many places!)

See you then!! :D

Here is the link to my twitch channel! See you soon!!<3

Posted March 2, 2020 at 08:00 am

Edit: due to the pandemic, this anniversary party will be changed into something a little more virtual ;) 
I'll make sure to holler all the info once I know more about it myself! (aka it's thinking in brain-brain time!)


This 8th of May will be Go Get a Roomie's tenth anniversary!! (wow)

Since I feel it's an important date to celebrate, I'm throwing a party where readers are invited to join the fun! Just like two years ago, I welcome you to come to Brussels, at the Labokube, a great place to have a cozy party with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The event will take place on the 9th of May, so it's a Saturday and more people can hop on by<3

I'll let you know more on the exact time it starts, along with anything else I might plan for us to have a fun and cozy time.

See you around :)

Posted February 14, 2020 at 10:00 am

Hello, you fantastical roomies!

I'm still seeing a few of you worrying that THIS is the end for GGaR (aka: Roomie and Lillian did the Thing (tm) and now it's DONE the story is OVER, thank you and GOODBYE)

I'm writing this blog post to let you know, once more, that this isn't it. We're not done with this story yet! I still want to tie some loose ends and see just a little more of what these characters have to share<3

I will warn you in advance when exactly you can expect GGaR to end. Probably a month or two in advance, but basically as soon as I know when it'll end.

And you can bet your pretty butt I'll make it known everywhere, because heavens know if I won't be both crying and celebrating for days (mostly crying I think... of both joy and sadness). 

Anyway, you get the point. For me, Go Get a Roomie's end will be just as much a big deal as some of you. So you can hush any worries you have concerning unexpected or sudden endings. 

lots of love,

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