Posted August 11, 2011 at 02:00 am

 That’s right! I’m opening guest strips for Go Get a Roomie!

Since I’ve been a little late on my comic schedule these days, instead of having strips LATE, I could have splendid guest strips ON TIME! And it will let me have a bit of a “vacation” to catch everything up :D
So fans, GO GET A PENCIL, and have fun strippin’! ;D

There isn’t any real deadlines, I guess I’ll just close the call when I feel I have enough for at least a week :)
When you’re done, send it to me via email:
You can go ahead and team up if you’d like. Say you feel you lack of ideas, but can totally draw, and you have a friend who suddenly comes up with a hilarious scenario, go for it! c:

(If you have any questions regarding this, go ahead and note me!)


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