Posted May 22, 2012 at 02:00 am

 Remember folks, you’ve been so amazing at last week’s fundraiser that I am now in your debt, and have to feed you some Roomie every day to pay up! So come back regularly if you don’t want to be left behind :)

You have “bought” 17 extra strips. If I make 4 extras every week it adds up to 7 strips, and so, each day. Do a bit of a math boogie, and you’ll find that the daily update will stop on the 19th of June. At that moment, I’ll have done all of the extra strips.

But that does not necessarily mean I’ll go back to only 3 strips a week… ;)

Thanks a thousand folds to every reader out there! Couldn’t have done all this without you.

Posted May 9, 2012 at 02:00 am

 I kinda missed it, sorry girl. *ahem*





*it is in the Roomiegion belief that She was raised by rainbows and white clouds through Her whole childhood

Posted April 28, 2012 at 02:00 am

 First things first, I would like to officially announce that I LOVE YOU ALL. There, it’s been said. I’m sure you all were shocked by the news, because that’s absolutely not something I’d say often, huh? ;)

No seriously. Thank you, to all my readers. Every single one of you, for following Roomie’s adventure, and hey! Even liking it! Your comments are pure joy. And every time someone new pops up and starts with “I just read the entire archive…” well, first I ask myself if it was a such a sane thing to do, then when I realize how much love there is in your comments for Roomie& co…

Well. Let’s just say you amaze me constantly, and give me smiles and even happy tears. (No, really!) You also show interest and respect for each other, and it’s creating, what someone recently called, a “family” I can be most proud of.

Oh and before I throw you my usual “Cheers!”, here’s a little NSFW comic tournament I’ve been nominated in, if you feel like voting for my comic, and please only do it if you feel it deserves it:

Haha, I just realized how manipulating this might look like. “I love you all YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZI– vote for my comic now.”

Cheers y’all <3

And so, so much love,

Chloé C.

Posted March 24, 2012 at 02:00 am

 Hey y’all! Hope everyone’s doing dandy!

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a few changes to the website. Ads changing place, header with suddenly NO ROOMIE WHAT. Well it’s all for the better of the website, and for the better of my empty pockets as well. Jojo’s the man handling most of it now, and I’m grateful for his help!

Sadly it means no more Roomie flashing her tits on the frontpage, though no worries, she won’t stop in the comic (or else it wouldn’t be Roomie, right?) So, hang in there, stuff’s changing, but the comic remains the same.

I wish you a splendid day/night… even life!

Stay tuned! Love you all <3 :)

Chloé C.

Posted December 12, 2011 at 02:00 am

Okay guys, important question:

Who has bought and received their Roomie buttons over at the Delmar’s Vaudeville Shop?

And most importantly, who has bought and NOT received their buttons yet?

I know at least three people who still didn’t get them, and that’s just not cool. I wish I WAS responsible for the shipment so I could at least DO something about it, but I sadly cannot help you. The shipment’s over at the USA, I’m in France. : bleh.

Posted October 27, 2011 at 02:00 am

 I plan on making the next arc a little “bonus”. It’s all gonna be about Truth or Darebetween Roomie, LT, and everyone else in Jo’s bar.

What makes this “special”? Simple, I want you to come up with the questions and dares! That’s riiight, I don’t make any of it, you choose. I’ll pick the ones I find most fun/revelant to the arc, and start on Monday :)

Current most famous example: “I dare Roomie to stop making any sexual innuendos for the whole game.” (From the poll on deviantArt)

Ready your mind? Set your fingers on the keyboard? And GO! write it down!

Posted October 16, 2011 at 02:00 am

 The FACTS is the biggest sci-fi/comic convention in Benelux, and in exactly 6 days!! =>

I’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday, and so will Yamino! We’ll have a table SOMEWHERE in there. Look for… not dreadlocks! I’ll have a haircut by then, and be wearing hats. Oh yeah.
And of course, dozens of different lesbian prints to sell, SO COME ON OVER. Even if you don’t buy anything, the hell with it, I just want to talk to you.

Can’t wait to meet everyone!
Cheers <3
Chloé C.

PS: plushie Batman and Kim Possible will be waiting as well. As well as, if my guess is correct, a few ponies from my neighbor ;D

Posted September 24, 2011 at 02:00 am

 Because last one looked too commercial-like for my taste. I much prefer this one :)

and hey, it has tits. So.

Thanks a TON for all the donations so far!! I really am lucky to have such awesome fans <3<3<3

And go ahead and tell me if you liked the comic strips, the few comments seemed to love them so far, but I always love getting feedback :) (like all artists do!)

Cheers lads!

Posted September 15, 2011 at 02:00 am

 Finally! It’s been quite a time since I wanted to get these extras done so that I could throw in a donate button.

So you can now donate any amount of dollars by clicking the “DONATE” banner right here on the Go Get a Roomie website, on the right side of the page. Once you’ve most generously made your donation via Paypal, you will be brought to a page with the promised comic strips. They will feature the sweet lil’ hippie in various classic movies, video games, ect. Basically making a lesbian parody of everything :D

Quick note: why 2 bucks, and not one? Because when I convert into euros (the currency I use), 1$ equals to less than a euro, and is really not much of a worth. Paypal lets you donate whatever amount you wish to, but I’d prefer if you could type in a minimum of 2$. But again, I’m not there watching your every move behind your shoulder. OR AM I.

PLEASE TELL ME if anything goes wrong, if there’s any errors, and whatnots. I’d be most grateful!

Thanks for reading folks! See you tomorrow for another Roomie stripping ;)

Chloé C.

Posted September 13, 2011 at 02:00 am

 Posting this so people are clear on that, since I just got yet another Roomie guest strip! Thanks so much for everyone taking their time to make those comic strips. I was very grateful, and feel honored to know my comic reaches so many people.

With the help of those guest strips, I’ve had the time to work on something I planned on doing for quite a while. I’m almost finished with it, and I should be posting the news by the end of this week :) Hopefully, and if thing’s work out all right.

Lots of love to you all,

Life is wonderful and limitless, never forget that,


Posted August 11, 2011 at 02:00 am

 That’s right! I’m opening guest strips for Go Get a Roomie!

Since I’ve been a little late on my comic schedule these days, instead of having strips LATE, I could have splendid guest strips ON TIME! And it will let me have a bit of a “vacation” to catch everything up :D
So fans, GO GET A PENCIL, and have fun strippin’! ;D

There isn’t any real deadlines, I guess I’ll just close the call when I feel I have enough for at least a week :)
When you’re done, send it to me via email:
You can go ahead and team up if you’d like. Say you feel you lack of ideas, but can totally draw, and you have a friend who suddenly comes up with a hilarious scenario, go for it! c:

(If you have any questions regarding this, go ahead and note me!)


I HAZ TUMBLR. ==========> Nanananana, BATLESBOoooo!

Posted August 8, 2011 at 02:00 am

 Yes, no strip today.

I’m celebrating a little something and next strip will be tuesday instead of monday! Celebrating something that includes… driving license?


Posted July 31, 2011 at 02:00 am

 I’ve finally tried going live! Using Livestream, it was fairly simple, and alot of fun :)

There was a Live on Wednesday and Thursday, for some reason though, the recorded video of Wednesday does not show on the website. I had colored the last Go Get a Roomie strip, and had fun with one or two other random drawing, which the fans helped me get the ideas. (about missing Friday’s strip: I was so tired, I didn’t even notice. It’s not an excuse, just a fact.)
You can still see Thursday’s (7 fucking hours) live though! Here’s the channel, and know that there will be another livestream soon. Twitter’s a good way to announce the livestreams, so I use that. (@GoGetaRoomie)

My brother’s helping out on the streams. He’s the one reading to me the questions and comments on the chat, since it’s very hard reading AND drawing at the same time. So the livestream that began as a simple webcomic artist showing off her wannabe skillz, became half livestream, half radioshow now offically called “Yay for Gay“, where Al and I talk about stuff and sex and stuff. Name and logo founded by Cami, aka: Nanaihime (who I can safely presume she’s TEH #1 GGaR fan). c:

In any case! If it interests you, next stream will have me coloring a Kigo page from theAnything’s Possible comic :) Meet me and my brother on the Chloe’s Art channel on this Friday the 5th of August, at 5p.m (USA time) // 11p.m (France time)!

Cheers, lovely people! And a warm thank you to everyone who have stayed through the streams without, it seems, even getting bored! ;D

That Crazy Hippie

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