Apr.12.13 at 02:28 am

  I'm travelling today so it's hard to get anything done, especially today's strip, so I'm throwing this little thing that is part of ONE of the 12 chapter covers in the Roomie book. I wish I could show you, like, everything, but I prefer knowing you discover them when opening the actual book :) 

Cheers and thanks for everything!

Oh and, I've been getting super awesome presents from fans (DEATH STATUE JUST CAME IN AAAAAH<333) and I'll pimp them out next week (before going to the USA AAAAHHHH<333)


Great, instead of an actual comic, you get a blabbering Chloé. My bad, carry on! See you Monday!

Mar.15.13 at 02:00 am

 Roomie loves invading your dreams and filling them with sexual innuendos.

Thanks for your patience, I really want to make this book worth it. 

Mar.01.13 at 02:00 am

 I'm working hard on the Roomie book (deadline's soon!) so I drew this instead so I can put more time in the soon to be book :) Enjoy!

Adventure Tiiiiime~

Feb.08.13 at 02:00 am

 Workin' on the update now!

Jan.28.13 at 02:00 am

 Hi guys! 

Would you believe I thought we were Sunday today? No? Well it happened. So I'm working up on today's update, but in the meanwhile, I'm showing you this GGaR poster that some of you will get in print as a Kickstarter reward! :)

See you soon!

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