Mar.24.12 at 02:00 am

 Hey y’all! Hope everyone’s doing dandy!

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a few changes to the website. Ads changing place, header with suddenly NO ROOMIE WHAT. Well it’s all for the better of the website, and for the better of my empty pockets as well. Jojo’s the man handling most of it now, and I’m grateful for his help!

Sadly it means no more Roomie flashing her tits on the frontpage, though no worries, she won’t stop in the comic (or else it wouldn’t be Roomie, right?) So, hang in there, stuff’s changing, but the comic remains the same.

I wish you a splendid day/night… even life!

Stay tuned! Love you all <3 :)

Chloé C.

Feb.23.12 at 02:00 am

Poor Bookstore Lady has no name yet. Any suggestions? :)

Dec.12.11 at 02:00 am

Okay guys, important question:

Who has bought and received their Roomie buttons over at the Delmar’s Vaudeville Shop?

And most importantly, who has bought and NOT received their buttons yet?

I know at least three people who still didn’t get them, and that’s just not cool. I wish I WAS responsible for the shipment so I could at least DO something about it, but I sadly cannot help you. The shipment’s over at the USA, I’m in France. : bleh.

Oct.27.11 at 02:00 am

 I plan on making the next arc a little “bonus”. It’s all gonna be about Truth or Darebetween Roomie, LT, and everyone else in Jo’s bar.

What makes this “special”? Simple, I want you to come up with the questions and dares! That’s riiight, I don’t make any of it, you choose. I’ll pick the ones I find most fun/revelant to the arc, and start on Monday :)

Current most famous example: “I dare Roomie to stop making any sexual innuendos for the whole game.” (From the poll on deviantArt)

Ready your mind? Set your fingers on the keyboard? And GO! write it down!

Oct.18.11 at 02:00 am
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