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  • FACTs spring 2018 (7-8 April)
  • GGaR's 8th birthday! (Brussels, May 5th)

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Posted April 21, 2017 at 12:00 am

Now I need a drawing of Lillian makin' bills fly like a gangsta. Sunglasses and all B)

Reminder: The Berlin meetup is Friday the 21st (which is either TODAY, or yesterday, or the day before... you get it). We'll hang out at the Bilderbuch Cafe all evening so joiiin :D (before you bring your butt, maybe check back here just in case something changes last minute)

And for the many others who would like for me to travel to their area to have a meetup... I hope I will! Probably won't be able to go EVERYWHERE but I'll want to visit new places for sure! In which case I'll holler and shout all around the internet like a spoiled baby so you don't miss it.