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Posted August 21, 2017 at 12:00 pm


Let's rock this second part of a chapter! But before that, here's an important notice:

This sequence depicts a purification ceremony (or sweat lodge) that is taken from one of the Native American rites: the "Inipi" (which means "to live again"). This one is specifically Lakota Sioux based.

This isn't a guide to the sacred ceremony that is the Inipi. I will not call it "Inipi" either, as the word calls for respect for a tradition I have but only slightly touched. It might give you a peep at some references typically found in these rituals (as I've seen it), but it is not meant to be teaching anything else on the matter.

For a better understanding, and a better representation, of the significance and sacredness of the ceremony, I would suggest websites, books, and other references by Native Americans who have gone through these rituals themselves.

-If you are uncomfortable with reading this arc, you can skip to chapter 33 here!- 

The way I will show this in my comic will be influenced by my (totally white) experience. I have lived a few sweats mostly in France, lead by a man who has been learning from Native Americans direcly, and regularly joins them for rites on their lands, for over 15 years. 

These rituals take a while to prepare: I have a limited amount of strips to go through this, and I won't be able to show everything (the construction of the hut is already done here, for example! That takes time, and is a ritual in itself.) Also because I don't want to fuck it up :) Again, and I can't stress this enough, if you're interested, further your research and don't stop here!

One last specification: The characters' experience does not speak for everyone's own, personal, journey.


EDIT: Changed the clothes they were in! Upon reviewing this with the Lakota-friend I was lucky to get help from, he reminded me that clothes for this ceremony are to be, ideally, modest for everyone. Roomie in an undie wasn't gonna do it :) 

Also edited: The direction the hut and people were facing! I had to turn the whole of panel 3 around so it could be more representative of the correct way of doing this. 

You can view the original strip here.