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A touching tale
Posted November 6, 2012 at 02:00 am

  Hey guys! As I've missed Monday's update, there will be a double strip update this week. Along with the promise that there will no longer be late updates. I'M DONE WITH THOSE. 

However, I will probably go back to three updates a week. Not now, I wouldn't switch updates without warning you beforehand. But just a heads up that it might happen in the upcoming weeks. It will give me more time to work on other projects (some that I never finished, others I want to start), and fanarts, which I miss doing.


One last note: It's election day for yeh Americans! I'm far from being into politics, but even this thing's important to me. So please, vote. And if you can, vote for the guy that actually cares for equality and women rights. (Reminder: DO NOT take a picture of your vote in the booth or it gets disqualified!)


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