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Posted January 31, 2018 at 08:00 am
So, sometimes wednesday updates are slightly delayed, and most of the times it's because I'll be finishing up a particularly time-consuming Headless Bliss page for its Tuesday update. If you ever wondered, that's why!

On an unrelated note, here's a little reminder for the folks who enjoy using the comment section: 

Most of the time the comments here are pretty amazing, and I'm super grateful for it! A lot of people, while not making any comments, like to read through it because of how lovable and/or interesting conversations go. However, there are times when tensions go up, and it's hard not to get defensive/offensive with certain users or certain words they might employ. 
While I try to keep the comment section as opened as possible, you should know that I do not condone any attacks on anyone, via name calling or otherwise, nor do I particularly enjoy anyone wishing deaths or even suffering on characters of mine (you know who you are). The position I want here is not that of a strict moderator who keeps peepz in line, and that's why you won't find much of my direct involvement in the comments section. However, if things get too rough, I might give a warning and if said warning is ignored, I will (and I have once or twice in the past) boot you out of the GGaRden.
Thanks for reading, and for 99% of you folks, you didn't even have to read this to get it, but thanks for the attention and the respect you have for this website and webcomic<3
I love you all, even the salty room-butts. Just know that loving also means respecting myself and the vibe I try to keep vibin' around here<3

Tags: richard, bed, room

Hiveworks Comics