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Chapter 44
Posted September 11, 2020 at 12:00 am

So, here we are. The last chapter of GGaR, chapter 44, more than ten years of being part of Roomie's world and everyone in it, coming to an end sooner than I will ever be ready for.

It's scary, it's sad and makes me want to doubt myself. "What about your readers? What about your characters? What about your financial stability, your daily routine that was getting to be so comfortable? What about GGaR and everything you could've continued to tell through it? What about..."

But then there is also a joy and pride at being able to finish a story at the right time in the right way that it deserves, there is also knowledge that being scared of the unknown is okay, and that beyond it is trust that it will lead to wherever I need to go to become a better artist with many more stories to tell, the excitment of the new that will emerge!

After sitting down and thinking about how much longer until Go Get a Roomie's ending, I can now share with you an approximate date for this chapter's closure: It will end around mid November 2020

Please enjoy these strips without letting this bum you out, for those who might be bummed. I promise this to be only an end to one story amongst many more :)

And as one last note, GGaR is definitely where my financial stability comes from. I'll elaborate on this point later on but, simply put, continuing to support me through platforms like Patreon even as the comic ends would mean the world to me. I have no idea if after the comic ends support will suddendly drop or not, so in case you read this wondering if you'd continue donating or not: please do consider it <3

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