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Hiveworks Comics
Posted October 5, 2018 at 12:00 am

About this arc and the comment section:

Ramona's going through some gender identity questions. Not that different from her creator, to be honest!

That's why the recent comment sections are more tiring to me than it is energizing. It's not anyone's fault, the theme raises (a fascinating and vast) subject that many have their own thoughts and opinions on. But the more the comments distance themselves from the story, the less I have the energy to go through all of them, as interesting as they may be.

Because that's what Go Get a Roomie is! A story, taking a peek at its various inhabitants and their quirks and experience. It's not a lesson on gender, it's not a lesson on anything. It's people thinking and feeling different things and sometimes saying them out loud (the gall!) 

If you can focus your comments on said adventure, chlove the gender-confused creature would super appreciate it with all its little heart<3


Hiveworks Comics