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Posted April 24, 2019 at 12:00 am

No jokes, no drama, this strip is just... it just is.

*A small word concerning last arc!*
GGaR has been going on for almost 9 years. Naturally, this means it has grown in parallel to my own life experience. And as many have guessed, my view on alcohol has changed throughout these nine years. Roomie is what's called a binge-drinking type of alcoholic, meaning she doesn't *have* to drink every day or even every week, but when she does drink, she has a hard time stopping. That + her carefree attitude amplified when drinking, leads her into situations like the one told last arc.
While Roomie has her own unique life experience, she and I have always shared the core of this drinking habit. (sorry, roomie!)

It's a very personal thing, as is GGaR as a whole, really, and it might not speak to everyone (as in any stories, we relate to different things), but I want I give this part of Roomie's experience justice. Because I think it's an important character development for her to go through. 

And for those who *do* relate with last arc, whether it is from Roomie's point of view or Lillian's, I give you all the hugs.



Hiveworks Comics