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Posted September 2, 2016 at 12:00 am

Okay two things: one, I don't remember what this strip in my script was supposed to do really. When I drew it out, I scratched my head thinking, then shrugged. At least I was doing it. Because two:

I've been having quite the fever for a few days and not only is my head spinny (amongst other things), but it's hard to tell when I'm able to work (or when it's time to sweat an ocean while resting in bed).

Which means that I have no idea if there will be an update on Monday or not. Depending on how much work I can get done tomorrow, there might not be any update skip at all, or there might be one on Monday, or Tuesday (for Headless Bliss). We'll see... until then, have a lovely weekend!

edit: Updates will be back on Wednesday! :)


Hiveworks Comics