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Posted October 26, 2015 at 12:00 am

May I signal boost two little things? It's not in my habits to do so here, but, well, I felt like it, so here you are!

  • Amanda Palmer's "The Art of Asking" is out in paperback, it's been such an inspiring read for me, as an artist with online social medias and kickstarter business and fans, but also as a PERSON that sometimes doesn't dare ASK for help. It's a gust of fresh air in the face, spoken with truth and love and experience, and I absolutely recommend it for any human beings being human. 
  • Education for Life, an organization build to help rural Indian kids have better education and health, is looking for a manager to expend their team of brilliant, dedicated people. More info here:
  • And third's the charm, so I'll just drop a vague, but important, call for all of us lovely humans to try and do our best to be generally responsible for the planet we've been living on, and the nature that has fed us for so long. There is plenty to do, and every little gesture helps! From spreading the word that killing bees is a no-no, to actually aiming for the trashcan next time you go picnic. 

This has been, a public service announcement. Back to the show!

Tags: aggie, roomie, matt, bar

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