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Hiveworks Comics
Posted December 4, 2020 at 02:00 am

So many tags for this strip, haha. 

Just a reminder that this epilogue will go on until the end of december, and a little "outro" will follow (of me sharing some thoughts and feels with you :)).

And later on in January there will be a rerun of Go Get a Roomie! Meaning that the comic will restart from the very beginning for new and old readers alike, if they'd like to follow the story once more (at a faster, 5 day per week, pace) with new commentary from moi beneath each strip.
Other webcomics like Girls with Slingshots have done it themselves, and it seems to be working pretty well! The completed archive will also be available for anyone who wants to glomp it all up in one go.

Will have more to announce soon, thank you so much for reading, however long you've been reading, and thank you so much for all the kind words and thoughts for Roomie and the gang. It's all pretty emotional, and I'm glad we're all here for it :)


Hiveworks Comics