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Posted July 29, 2012 at 07:00 pm

 Hey guys!

So Roomie updates are back to normal. Meaning: Monday through Friday, and on time :) Sorry for missing a few updates in the last three weeks. 

Also: a reminder that the deadline for Guest Strips is in 6 days! On the 5th of August. So if you have some you wanna draw, you know the deadline's approaching. 

And lastly, but just as important to me: the contact adress mail has been broken ever since the website has changed its looks. So if you've sent any fanmail in the last one or two weeks, it's probably that I have never received it. If you can resend it, in the hope that you have it saved somewhere... Know that the contact section has been fixed and it is now safe to both send me a mail, and donate!

Thanks for reading folks<3 Have a wonderful day!

Tags: WOC, lillian, lt, dreams

Hiveworks Comics