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Posted November 4, 2013 at 02:00 am

 So just to let you know (about my life, my apologies if it's non-related to GGaR): I went to the Amanda Palmer concert in Brussels last Saturday with my brother and-- UGH. I never go to concerts and this one just blew my mind away

First opening: Perhaps Contraption. They rocked, they played joyfully, wonderfully, so so lively, and the music was just as splendid. A bizarre but oh so wonderful progressive kind of orchestra (just check em out) (twitter account: @perhapscontrap

Second opening:Die Roten Punkte. They rocked, they played joyfully, THEY MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD god those two siblings are hilarious. The baby robot that wanted to be a lion. *sigh* happy times. (twitter account: @DieRotenPunkte)

Third "opening": Jherek Bischoff. He's actually part of Amanda's "Grand Theft Orchestra", but has done solo orchestra compositions (that rock), and has played for us spoiled audience. He's a great guys, all around nice and genius, and what a surprise! I also recommend his music. (twitter account: @jherekbischoff)

And well. Amanda Fucking Palmer. Who played her own music, her old music, her solo music, Lou Reed music, AND WHO WAS FABULOUS THROUGHOUT. Jesus, the energy she puts in her shows, the love for the audience, the honesty, the TRUST as she falls backwards in the crowd arms opened, and keeping on singing all through the crowd surfing.

Maybe I'm a newbie at concerts, but I really felt the people there was just as beautiful as the raw, pure energy I felt through the entire thing. Everyone was so lovely. The drummer of Grand Theft Orchestra, Thor, is SUCH A BEAR UGH he was adorable to me and my brother, you have no idea. And Amanda, as classy as always, with a bottle of wine in her hands, smoking a last cigarette (her "one smoke of the day") before going in the bus, and us having the chance to meet her then. And kiss her. 

Yes, I had the best of evenings.



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