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Posted February 13, 2019 at 04:00 am

A note on binders, in case it doesn't get explained in the comic itself:

There are many websites explaining this better than I do so make sure to research this yourself if you're thinking about binding. Especially if you want to make a binder yourself, do NOT use bandages as they are proven to potentially cause permanent damage to your chest (and lungs and all that happy, precious stuff).

You want to put your health in priority, my queer & trans friends. And that means taking care of your body too!!

I'd personally recommend binders made and sold by people who know what they're doing, so you know it's safe. But it can be a bit of a price (see here for a list of prices), so not everyone will be as enthusiastic. However, I can vouch for gc2b and their comfortable fit! Make sure you get the size right for you (they explain how to calculate your size on the website), AND make sure to never sleep in it, or wear it for more than 8 hours or so. Don't hesitate to call medical help if there are any recurring/strong pains->>> PLEASE listen to your body!

And as always, breathe. 


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