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Hiveworks Comics
Posted August 14, 2019 at 12:00 am

Second doodle of the week<3

FLAMECON IS THIS WEEKEND: I will have a table there with other awesome Hiveworks folks!! Come on and say hi, I love meeting new (and old) goyles<3 

(Tables PUB 09, 10, 11)

GGaR MEETUP is this Friday, 16th of August! I'll be at the Bean, in New York city (147 1st Avenue) from 5-7pm. Do you know if there's good tea there? I hope there's good tea there.

GUEST STRIPS DEADLINE: 16th of August. Send me your guest art at gogetaroomie(at)!

GGaR chapters will be back on the 26th of August.

Tags: doodle, extra

Hiveworks Comics