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Hiveworks Comics
Posted January 29, 2012 at 02:00 am

Today's (friggin long) strip features a Sister Claire crossover, drawn with the one and only creator of the webcomic, Yamino! <3

Long story short, we were hanging out at Angouleme once more this year, and had this idea of doing an art jam (well, Elena did, and I was like YES). After fiercely plotting how our characters could interact with each other, we (surprisingly easily) decided on the theme of... pussies. A perfect quiproquo between Claire and Roomie.

So this is the result! Know that we could have put alot of other puns there (ALOT), but the comic was already long enough (stayed up til 3a.m finishing this thing).

Sister Claire, and the smexy Gabrielle © Yamino

Roomie and Lillian © moi

:> Enjoy!!


Hiveworks Comics