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Special Orange Juice
Posted December 17, 2010 at 02:00 am

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on the last strip! You guys are awesome.

2020 edit: *finally* changed the text on this one (I should've done this a long loooong time ago, but hey), original version had Jo reply to Aggie, in the last panel: "Told her it was orange juice". Which implies Jo willingly spiked Lillian's drink, which is something 20-year-old-something thought was funny in a comic, but now 30-year-old-something me believes there are many other funnier, better things to show in comics :)
So I replaced Jo's line with the following "A special kind of orange juice, maybe" so it is less sure what Jo's (or Lillian's) intention was. If you read the comic until the end, you'll see what happened exactly in this moment and how I tried my best to fix this mistake of mine! 


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