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Posted May 20, 2015 at 12:00 am

I've got several things to say. First of all: over a thousand comments on the last strip??? I knew there would be celebration, but I didn't know it was going THAT big! :D Thanks for being so enthusiastic!!

Second: I've just launched a brand new Patreon! Please go ahead and have a visit if you feel like donating! There are several different bonus material I'm giving away to all Patrons (aka: folks who are generous enough to give a little something each month), so have a look :)  

Third: Enjoy today's update! It's the last page before a new chapter begins. Camping trip-ROUND 2!

(oh, and lastly: there are still some trouble with loading comments on several past comic strips... the Hiveworks tech is working on it!)


Hiveworks Comics