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early to the party
Posted October 29, 2022 at 12:00 am

Allan's eyes in that last panel are scary :D sometimes you draw a character with big wide eyes and go like "oh that looks normal" and then days, months, or years later those same eyes jumpscare you :D  (I do like the mom's face though)

And is it me or that dialogue in the second panel doesn't sound right? "thought I'd come by now" should be more like "Thought I'd come now"?

And damn, I admire Lillian's I-don't-give-a-fuck at times. And not out of disrespect either, it's just not taking responsibility if someone's arriving early (in this example). I absolutely always have to make sure I'm doing things right and boy, if anyone was at my door waiting for a party I would feel terrible not inviting them in, you know? That's why I admire Lillian in those moments so much! Looks way less stressful :D

--> This is a rerun of the finished webcomic Go Get a Roomie! You can find these two strips in the old archive >here<!


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