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Posted July 4, 2022 at 12:00 am

Today I'm off for some needed vacation for three weeks! 

... which won't change a thing for you because this GGaR rerun will keep updating as usual and won't be taking any breaks :D yay!

Which might just mean that the commentaries in the next strips might be less chunky than usual, because less time to dive into (more of less) enriching lore. (what lore,??)

I'll just take a moment here to remind you to be gentle with yourself if you can, that pushing yourself too hard usually doesn't help (you or others around you), that no matter what you are loved and that I sincerely wish you peaceful days ahead. We all need a little kindness these days!

Take care.

--> This is a rerun of the finished webcomic Go Get a Roomie! You can find these two strips in the old archive >here<!


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