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Posted July 14, 2022 at 12:00 am

Phew! Camping is great but not ideal when lacking elecricity to charge up the phone to write commentaries for this rerun! (At least I have a good excuse...!)

Got a little bit of time (and battery) now so here goes:

That second strip was the first time, I think, where I let the comic take a more trippy, meta style, with Roomie being upside down for one panel, and looking back, confused.

It was an idea I had in the moment, and only slightly hesitated before going for it, I think I remember readers enjoying it and commenting on how it tells a lot about Roomie's state. Hope I let myself have more of these moments with Little Tiny Things, let it go a little, you know? Let images be funky and poetic, dare to lay it on paper...

And oh about Matt's reveal: well let me talk about it in the next strip, for tomorrow!

--> This is a rerun of the finished webcomic Go Get a Roomie! You can find these two strips in the old archive >here<!


Hiveworks Comics