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Posted September 29, 2021 at 12:00 am

Skyrim helmet! 

Fuh Roh Das away, Lillian. 

That's a nice touch, how Lillian summarizes/reminds her room-mates what the story lead up to until now, and at the same time doing the same for the readers. (pats myself) (yes I know I do that regularly and I have no shame)

And I find it funny that in the first strip, panel two, I took the time to draw some objects in the background for once but it actually would've been better without because it conflicts a little too much with Lillian :D 

Ideally, I should've just thought about the panel composition a bit more and draw those bg objects a little more to the left or something so Lillian can stand out correctly. (and switched that object's color to something less similar to Lillian's clothes)

--> This is a rerun of the finished webcomic Go Get a Roomie! You can find these two strips in the old archive >here<!


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