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Posted August 23, 2017 at 11:00 am

For those who missed it, the explanation&disclaimer about this ritual can be found in the comment below this strip.

First panel here depicts a well known purification (that anyone can use) with burning sage! All non-english words you may spot in this sequence is Lakota and part of the rite.


EDIT: Clothes changed! Like the previous strip says in the comment below, I have edited the clothes they wear to better fit the ceremony, upon revision with the Lakota-friend. Other edits were done as corrections. (Lillian originally said "I'll try not to fuck it up", which we decided to change to better respect the mood of this arc!)
The leader of the group is also to be on the LEFT side of the door (seen from the interior of the hut), not on the right.

You can view the original strip here.