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Posted October 30, 2020 at 12:00 am

Hey, important update on the Kickstarter we were going to launch this month: after talking about it with the Hiveworks team (who are helping me out with Kickstarters), we decided it was best to wait until January to launch anything. Why? Because the USA presidential election is coming up, and because depending on who wins, it could have a significant influence on projects launched on the internet. Let's just say, your main priority might not be a webcomic book. Not far along, December arrives with christmas and holidays, which isn't a great time to launch anything then either. So that brings us aaaall the way to January 2021. It's not ideal, I would have liked doing this earlier, but I have to take in the fact and accept that these days are too chaotic and it's better to wait it out for now, and continue preparing it to make it the best experience we can. Hope you understand, and hope you're not too bummed out. I'll have other things down the line that will be cheerier to share with you :)

Also, I'd like to throw in a last "guest week" before GGaR ends, so if you wanna submit a guest art before the 20th of November, I'd really love it! Usually I prefer guest comics rather than illustrations, but this time I'd go for the latter, since it's the big finish (incoming sobs from yours truly)! The rule is: have fun.
Email me at with your guest art when you're done :) (or if you have any questions!)

Have an amazing weekend, everygoyle.


Hiveworks Comics