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Posted October 28, 2020 at 12:00 am

Wouldn't have imagined GGaR to have such an explicit political statement but I guess I wouldn't have imagined so many people and politicians to be lacking of such humanity so :))

"Niemand is illegaal" as the stickers say in Brussels.

EDIT: this comment section has been moderated, as best as I could. Some comment threads were deleted. Some were kept, for the sake of conversation. A few users were banned. I did not enjoy any of it, and those who were banned certainly won't like it either.

But here's the thing: I do not condone xenophobia in any shape or form. 

Regufees welcome.

Added note (3rd of nov. 2020): I would have thought these things obvious, but it seems some people are confused about what I'm pushing towards with this comic strip:
Helping people who need it. Stop fearing people who don't look like your typical white neighbor. Allowing refugees who seek a safe place in, letting them pass through our countries if they seek to reach another, beyond our borders. Let them in, let them through.
Does that mean immigrants can't be bad? Immigrants are humans (shocking, I know), therefore each individual is different from the other. There certainly are criminals within immigrants and refugees, just as much as there is within our "own country". (yeah, I'm not a very patriotic person, can you tell? I've lived in different countries so it's like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ how can I own a whole country anyway??

All of that to say: if you dumb down refugees to criminals, in response to this comic strip, I will absolutely consider your comment as xenophobic and ignorant. Just imagine I made the same strip but with French tourists instead and someone came in the comment section to say "Well SOME french people are BAD". 
That's what those kind of comments sound like to me: random and unnecessary.

If you're here to politely discuss the refugee crisis and say "it's not that easy", then sure, go ahead. I'm certainly no expert. I'm just expressing concern and empathy for people I can't imagine their lives to be like.



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