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Posted September 28, 2011 at 02:00 am

Thanks for all the sweet comments, guys. Even though I don't answer to everyone, it's always a great pleasure reading from you! :)

Oh and since last strip I talked about a few lesbian books I was reading, and alot wanted to know which, so here's a little list of the novels I read so far:
-Broken Wings by LJ Baker (an interesting take on the fairy world and how different politics and species interact, themes: family, love and trust)
-Thirteen Hours by Meghan O'Brien (two beautiful women with very different personnalities are stuck in an elevator for 13 hours. You'll never guess what happens! ;) erotic fiction)
-Hunter's Way by Gerri Hills (police/drama with badass Hunter being stuck with a beautiful woman as a partner to fight crime)
-The Exile and the Sorceress by Jane Fletcher (part of the Lyremouth Chronicles, fantasy and lesbians. Though the book gets really interesting only halfway through when the Sorceress is finally introduced!)

Each of those stories where very enjoyable to read, and really sweet. Maybe it's just because it's my first time reading actual lesbian novels (never had the occasion before) and so the sweetness for me is multiplied by ten just because I can identify with those characters more than others. :)



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