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Posted December 30, 2020 at 12:00 am

All righty, summary and details for all of those things mentioned above!
(more info and text, yay!)

  • Kickstarter for Book 3 of GGaR will launch mid January: and this time it's Richard on the cover :3 (guess who will be on cover for the next book!)
    I'll make sure to let you know when it'll happen exactly both on this website, and on twitter
  • Kickstarter for Book 4 (which will be the final book) will launch later on in 2021.
  • Go Get a Roomie rerun will start on the 20th of January (for my birthday!): it'll run once more from the very beginning (from ten years back!) until the end, again. It's the best way to keep this website active, which allows for 1.) me to keep you in touch with whatever important news could interest you (kickstarters and such) 2.) to give new readers (and old) the possibility of following the webcomic at a frequent and regular pace (this time it'll be 5 times a week, from Monday to Friday, whoo!) and 3.) Hiveworks and I to still get small bits of ad revenues which helps us keep doing what we love :)
    I will also add new commentary for each strip! Adding little fun facts or apologizing for lack of tact for certain subjects ten years ago that might not have aged well :D
    The "old" archive of GGaR, completed, with all your comments, will be preciously kept on the same website, for those who want to binge read away. 
    The "new" archive (rerun) of GGaR will not enable comments, but you can always comment on the "old" version of the strip, which will be linked to it everytime.
  • An extra GGaR short comic will start updating in February (whoo!) exclusively for Patreon. Not only will it be a joy to come back to the Roomie cast for a little (boobie-full) bit, but it'll encourage those who can to come over and support (even if just $1) so I can continue working on my next comic full-time!
    I don't know yet how much I'll update per week, but it'll at least be one strip/page a week. I'll let you know asap!
    Since I don't want to prevent anyone from reading the short comic if they can't donate because of a limited financial situation (especially these days), I'll put it up publicly once it's done on Patreon (in the whereabouts of May).
    This will be a sexy kind of comic, but not outright pornographic, as I have a hard time depicting my characters in such a way (surprising as it may be!) 
  • I might've not mentioned it in the strip above but Headless Bliss, my surreal epic fantasy wtf webcomic, will continue updating every week! Though it's more of a "passion project" than any financial interest to keep it going, I will do my best to see it through until the end. If ever other projects need more of my time, however, I might have to put it on hiatus.
  • Other projects like ~le gasp~ a new webcomic (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ 
    I'm still working on its story, characters, settings and such, but it's coming along well! And now that I'm done with GGaR (still feels very weird saying this), I'm going to be able to spend more time building the whole thing and I'm already very excited with the direction it's going. 
    What some of you (all?) may be wanting to know is: how will it be related to Go Get a Roomie? 
    I've mentioned in the past the idea of having it set in the same universe as GGaR, to be able to see some familiar faces if possible! 
    And yes, that's still a thing I'm going towards, but I also want to make this comic an entire new story of its own, with entire new cast, setting, etc. We will see those familiar faces, but it will not be its primary focus, nor will it happen immediately. Again, I want this new story to hold itself up on its own, first and foremost. I have a lot more to tell, and this new chance at a comic has a lot of potential by really starting from scratch. 
    That being said, you'll still absolutely see a familiar style, and format, and expressions, humor, light-heartedness, queerness galore, multifaceted characters, and should bring you smiles and tenderness. 
    (I always want that from my comics :))
    Anyway, I'll start updating the very first page exclusively on Patreon first, build buffer pages and keep preparing it for a few months (maybe even a whole year), until it will publicly launch on its own website for everyone to read and enjoy! I'm aiming to start it on patreon in May/June. 

phew. I'm not used to laying everything out like this, even just by myself :D

If you've read everything, and you want to follow all these new adventures with me: thank you so much!! I can't wait to share all of these things with you, and I hope you'll enjoy them!

And yes, to follow some of these adventures "live", I recommend becoming a patron over on Patreon. It's totally fine if you can't, or won't, for any reason whatsoever, but know that if you do, it really really helps me keep delivering to you the queer and happy (and sometimes even profound) content you're used to seeing here :)


much love to you,
and come back friday for another "outro" update!


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