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Posted January 1, 2021 at 12:00 am

Thank you for reading Go Get a Roomie, thank you for leaving a comment or message of love, appreciation or just honest and polite feedback, thank you for interacting with each other, and sometimes even keeping the peace for me in the GGaRden (that was really helpful), thank you for all the gifts, some I've drawn in the second panel above, thank you for making the two first GGaR books come true (and for enduring the first messy kickstarter!), thank you for meeting up with me at GGaR meetups and the adorable and touching moments there, thank you for sharing this comic with friends and loved ones, thank you for those who looked over the comic and the characters silently but lovingly, thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime, thank you for the amazing and kind financial support I've received through the years, either on Patreon or directly on paypal (you know who you are), thank you for the lessons learned, and patience, perhaps when GGaR was in its first few years and updates weren't as regular as they became later on, thank you for living this alongside me, and Roomie and friends, thank you for caring.

You are loved.

((Oh and come back on Monday for one last outro!!))


Hiveworks Comics