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Posted April 4, 2022 at 12:00 am

Ah, the arrival of Kris! 

I admit I didn't fully know what I was doing and the result was a bit mixed for me. 

Like, okay, Ram and Rich had a big sister, that was already set up a bit before, and then I started doodling around with what she looked like and got the "gigolo" part down and all that, and THEN Slipshine said "hey why don't you do an erotic comic for us" and I was down for it BUT! Butt.

As much as I loved drawing boobs and butts in GGaR, imagining an outright porn of these characters seemed... off. I couldn't bring myself to do it, I didn't want to depict them this way. And I knew Slipshine was looking forward to GGaR related erotica (and of course they did, GGaR already has erotic moments so why not just go full on with it?) 

So I thought of Kris. That secondary character that worked as a sex worker and was in a little threesome of hers, and I thought "perfect! this character can have her own porn comic and I'd have no problem with that, AND it'd be related to GGaR so it's a win-win!" 

The comic (called "Les3") was very experimental and I find erotic comics very challenging to start with, plus I invited my partner as colorist to the team and we had never worked together so it was all... enlightening :D 

I'm not too proud of it, I think it was ambitious to do all of it at once, a lot of new things to learn at once, new comic style to experiment with, and I'm sure Slipshine was a little disappointed too (I wouldn't blame them!)

And so what did I do to boost the comic "Les3" a little? Why, invite Kris to the cast of GGaR! 

It was for that reason, and because I thought it'd just be a fun addition (that would also bring interesting interactions and certain conflicts) it was for all those reasons that Kris came along in this chapter.

Looking back, I don't regret the choice of this addition to the cast, and I was very aware of the trap of introducing too many characters and I think I did an all right job at it here. But I'm sure it could have been done a little better at times as well. I think if I had given myself a little more time to think about my intentions with this character, both in GGaR and Les3, it could've all been a little simplified and a lighter fun. 

--> This is a rerun of the finished webcomic Go Get a Roomie! You can find these two strips in the old archive >here<!


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