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should she stay or should she go
Posted February 12, 2021 at 12:00 am

Boy, Lillian sure knew how to make Roomie feel both welcomed, and not.

Also, her hair then felt more like some sort of algae more than hair but hey :D

It's fun to know that at the time, I had no idea Lillian would become such an important character, and yet it very quickly dawned on me that she'd be way more than just a quick secondary character. Just two, three, four strips in of them two interacting, and both me and the small readership I had at the time knew, just knew, it wouldn't be the last of those two. It was too precious.
Originally, Lillian was just a way for Roomie to grow, to enter in conflict with someone very different from herself and how she was living her life then. I really did imagine this encounter to start and end pretty efficiently and rapidly, like her meeting with Aggie did, minus the sex and handcuffs. 

But no, the second Roomie and LT met, was the second that reality told me otherwise :)

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