This webcomic follows the wild adventures of an upbeat hippie, living her life in love and joy. (And beer and sex.) Slightly NSFW, if you count the countless naked boobs as such, and updating Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hope you enjoy your stay :)

About the artist


 Originally from France, but lived in the USA for 5 years, Chloé C. has  done three years of comic book studies in Belgium (where she  learned how to drink beers all night long the basics in comics). Now  living in Brussels and living off her passion!

 Fascinated by many things in this amazing world  (including you), Chloé  only wants to spread the love wherever she or her comics go.

 Chloé’s other websites:

  Deviantart: batlesbo.deviantart.com
 Tumblr: Nananananana Batlesbo!
 Twitter: @GoGetaRoomie

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Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Every friggin' where! The mind wonders, gets lost, sometimes comes back with ideas. Open your eyes to everything, and see the limitless possibilities there really is in this world. (Whee!)

 Q: What about your biggest artistic influences?

In my younger years (12-15 years old), it was mostly mangas. But now it's broadened to variant comics and cartoon styles. A few names: Barbucci (from Skydoll), Bruce Timm (from Batman: TAS), Disney, Mike Mignola, Bengal, Frezzato, even artists from deviantArt were a huge inspiration at times: Endling, Cheeks, Joel, or Makani.  And many more!

Q: What is Roomie's real name? Are LT and her going to end up together?

I have had those questions asked many times, and I can't imagine myself answering them when the whole point of a story is discovering for yourself the events that take place.

Q: Where is GGaR set anyway?

A: As of now, I try to avoid any country/town names, so as to set a story wherever the reader wants it to be! Jo's bar could very well be round around the corner ;)


Q: Are you Roomie? Are any of the characters from real life?

Roomie was created in the start of 2010, at first to have a character to have very much my own kind of adventures and way of thinking. But as strips went ('strips" as in... well. Both ways, really), she grew to become her own character, her own personality and, if I may go so far, her own soul. Which I am very grateful for, I wouldn't want just a silly replica of me, I want my characters to live on their own. So is Roomie me? She is the closest to my own person, but I consider her as an entity apart from mine now. 

The other characters are mostly people I know meshed up into one. Taking a physical aspect of a friend, mixing it up with this pal's personnality, etc. Some characters however are "really real", the best example being Jo the barman.

 But really, all characters are part of the artist.

Q: Are you a lesbian?

Here's the thing, I'm not much for labels. Like Steve said, after explaining the whole PANsexual thing, "I'm me!"

If you really need put words on my sexual preference it would be something like:
"Sexually pan, romantically lez!"

Q: Do you have an ending in mind for GGaR?

Not really, no. It will have an ending, and at the right time, but all I know for the moment is that it's definitely not now ;)

Q: I want to begin a webcomic, do you have any tips?

I may have a few: 

-Like any stories, learn the setting, and your characters well. What they like, what they can't stand, how they are drawn from back to front. In short: have a consistency so readers can follow without any problems.

-See which format style suits your story best. For example, Roomie works well in four panel strips, while an epic story about outer-space dragons will probably suit the usual A4 comic format.

-As for any artistic fields, having an open ear to criticism will always help. Don't be stubborn, accept that your art can always be improved, you're the only one who can allow it to happen. 

-Something to point out, there's a difference between helpful criticism, and unwanted hate comments. DO NOT pay attention to comments that were only written to hurt you. 

-Before uploading your pages on your website, it is much better to have about ten pages to begin with so that readers are caught in the story and will have a much better chance coming back to check the updates out. If it's just one or two pages, they won't get a clear idea of the story and might leave it be. Spice up their curiosity.

-Love your characters.

 Q: What program do you use? Do you do it all on computer?

I use Photoshop CS4 (any photoshop works though) and first sketch out the strip before scanning and inking and coloring on computer. As seen here.

Q: Are you a lucid dreamer like Lillian? If so, do you have any advice on dreams?

I do lucid dream, perhaps as often as Lillian does, and they certainly go far down the rabbit hole. My advice if you want to have more lucid dreams, start a dream journal (which is interesting to have in general, if you want to give more thoughts to your subconscious) writing down your dreams seems to send a message to your brain, letting it know that you want to remember them better. It usually helps to be more conscious while you dream, and it's in having a more conscious thought  that you can then start lucid dreaming.

As for dream interpretations, only you can analyze your own dreams. No one else can do it for you, not even Freud. It's way too personal, and into your subconscious that no one else can dwelve in, for others to know exactly what your dreams mean. They can help out by giving you ideas of what certain symbols might mean, but their interpretation can never replace your own. 

 Q: Ever thought of specific (voice) actors for your characters? Who would you pick to play their roles?

I have NO clue, as I've never thought about it myself. My mind just can't seem to go there (aka: to have fun imagining all these things). Maybe it's because I think of my characters already as their own person, and don't need to think of someone "real" to "replace" them. Or something. 

Roomie does not have a high pitched voice though, as I know some readers think she does :p

Q: I want to send you something in mail, do you have an adress? 

Edit: PO box is currently closed!


Anything you wish to send me will be kept preciously by my side, be it fan letters, geeky toys or strap-ons other sweet and innocent things.