Christmas Break: Guest Strips!-CLOSED

Dec-17-12 02:00 am

EDIT: Guest Strips are closed! Thanks to all of you who submitted something<333 And thanks to the rest of yah who keep on reading!

 Hey gals and guys and all in between! 

I'm doing another Guest Strip Week soon. Very soon. In fact, I'd like to start it next week. If you want, and can, draw one for Go Get a Roomie in such a short time, here are the details: 

-No particular themes. Doesn't even have to be Christmas related! It can even happen in space, in some alternate universe, for all I know. As long as everyone is in character.

-Things to avoid: a guest strip isn't meant to fulfill your fantasy nor reveal anything that could be ultimately important to the story. For example: Roomie suddenly declares an undying love for Lillian. Whether that happens or not is crucial and only my choice, I'm afraid. So nothing revealing. 

-Other things to avoid: violence, overuse of rude language, butterfly suicide, basically anything that just doesn't sound like the Roomie universe I've been describing through these years.

-Format: There is not specific format nor limit. If I find it's either too huge or not a high enough resolution, I will tell you so. Colors  and styles is also all up to you. 

-Apart from that, let your imagination take over! Have fun! If you have any questions regarding your guest strip's scenario, you can ask away at chocobo888 (at) hotmail (dot) com

-Once you have the final result, you can send the strip at that same email adress. Make sure to write down your artist name you want me to use, along with your website/blog link.

-Depending on how many entries I get, there is a chance I will have to refuse some of the guest strips. Don't let that discourage you. You might not be an art master yet, but trying is the most important step to becoming one, and I thank you in advance for doing so. 

Good luck! For any little questions you can also ask in the comments below so that other interested peepz might see them.

Cheers :)