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posted Oct.07.15 at 12:00 am


Also, consider donating to Education For Life, a community working for education and health in rural India. Their devotion to the project is amazing, and they'll use every cent you give them towards giving children what children need. Thanks! :)

Edit: oops! Forgot to upload the image when I first uploaded this. Don't worry, nothing's broken, here's your comic :)

Sep.30.15 at 02:48 pm

Hey guys! This is a bit of an unrelated topic (unrelated to comics that is), but I wanted to share this with you. I know some of the folks that are working on this project, and I'm all for it. So if you're opened to a bit of meditation for our Mother Earth (who has been quite overwhelmed these past years, to say the least), do consider checking this out.


Aug.11.15 at 07:49 am

Hey folks!

I will be at the FACTs convention end of September, in Belgium. Care to drop by and say hi? I would love that!! 

I will have the first GGaR volume (in hard and softcover), along with prints, badges, charms, stickers, and more!

PS: I'll make sure to share with you my exact location there asap!

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