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posted Aug.28.15 at 06:19 am

Thanks everyone for following the GGaR adventure so far!! It's been a fun ride, as always :)

Let's continue this on Monday for a new chapter, yes?

PS: Disqus comments are still wonky from the last site update, so if you read comments that don't make sense to you and seem like they are referring to another comic strip, it's Disqus comments being wonky. Just refresh the page and it should do the trick!

Aug.11.15 at 07:49 am

Hey folks!

I will be at the FACTs convention end of September, in Belgium. Care to drop by and say hi? I would love that!! 

I will have the first GGaR volume (in hard and softcover), along with prints, badges, charms, stickers, and more!

PS: I'll make sure to share with you my exact location there asap!

Nov.03.14 at 02:00 am


My new webcomic is finally up folks! 

Headless Bliss is a story about stories story-telling, and other metaphysical themes such as humour! Fights! Heads flying and legs missing! Adventures galore and failed teamwork! Fantasy realms and inhuman humans! Character bonding and growth and nightmares! And last but not least... things that will make you WOW that is fucked up.

Read the first pages now, and come back every Tuesdays and Thursdays for regular updates!! 

Looking forward to seeing you there! :D

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