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posted Jan-17-13 at 02:00 am

 Hey, hey guys :) Sunday's my birthday (the 20th!) and I know some of you have been wanting to send me stuff, so here's the deal!

If you really want to make my (B)day, here are ideas:

-fanarts/fanfictions of anything related to my characters (or not! I enjoy creativity above all. Go wild!)

-donate to the Roomie kickstarter, although I'm already very satisfied with how well it's going

-if you really want to send me something by mail, here's the adress you can send it to: 



Chloé C.

P.O. box 83

1050 Ixelles Flagey

Brussels (Belgium)




-and finally, and above all, and because I wouldn't be Chloé if I didn't say this, really: for my birthday, take deep breaths and thank anything you feel grateful for (kittens and imaginary friends included). Then thank yourself. Because you mean a lot :)

Cheers, and many hugs and kisses to you.


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