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posted Feb.06.13 at 02:00 am

*Jojo* Ahahaha 95k, we love all of you <3 we'll have a paypal option up later today as I'm getting inindated in emails right now about it. you should follow our twitter towards updates on the various books and merchandise happenings.

A year and a half ago me and Chloe teamed up to make Roomie a proper business and we went from a few thousand uniques a month to a couple hundred thousand a month. It's taken a long time and a lot of effort from both of us but I can say Roomie will be around for quite awhile to come :) As well as some new projects to be launched from Chloe as soon as were done being dead from the kickstarter stuff. 


I had that reaction too, Roomie. It was in a different situation, but all the same. CELTIC TOILET PAPER.

Oh and the Kickstarter is going so well in its last hours, I am seriously closing my eyes at whatever number it's up to now. ITS GETTING SCARY. (in a terrifying positive kind of way.)